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Reimagining food hollistically.

Award Winning

Designer, fresh, unique.

House 1954

Our rich history.

Our Story

Multi-generational immigrants.

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Whips & Dips

Try our irresistible Whips & Dips selection, a must-try for all. Experience the creamy whipped ricotta, & velvety roasted cherry whipped goat cheese. Paired perfectly with our artisanal CharCUTErie, it creates an unparalleled flavor. Elevate your culinary journey with our one-of-a-kind CharCUTErie experience.

Nice to Meat You


We appreciate high-quality ingredients. Our ingredients are imported and meticulously selected to evoke a European village dining experience. While we embrace our American creativity, our immigrant background fuels our curiosity to reconnect with our roots.

To Chare or not to Chare


Mon Cheri was inspired by a girlfriend's dinner where women sneak bites from their boyfriend's plates. We cater to working moms unwinding after work, food enthusiasts craving variety, and those curious to try a bit of everything. Crafted by women, for women. Everything is designed to be chared.