Welcome to Mon Chéri

Multiple Dining Experiences At One Premier Location!


A historical gem in Old Town Scottsdale: a residence constructed in 1954 transformed into Mon Chéri exactly seven decades later.As you walk through House 54', you are crossing thresholds of time and space. Within the embrace of House 54', a wave of nostalgia washes over you, akin to the cherished feeling of arriving at home. Here, every meal is steeped in tradition and sprinkled with love, reminiscent of the warmth and joy that only ancestral recipes can provide. From the tender embrace of a a hug to the stories that echo from the walls, House 54' is an homage to the timeless comfort of familial love.




As you make your way into The Coliseum, Mon Chéri's premier destination for events and celebrations, you step back in a time to a place where the ancient vibes of BCE echo through the arches. Refashioned for contemporary entertainment, it's here that you can reserve our elite Queen's Tables for a dining experience steeped in antiquity. Whether it's a sun-drenched brunch, an evening of soothing music, or a night filled with theatrical entertainment, The Coliseum provides the perfect venue. It's a place where memories are not just made, but are enshrined in history.


Get ready to experience the Passport De Paradis, but first find yourself at Love Lock Gate. This gate beautifully revives the timeless tradition of Paris's Pont des Arts bridge. Couples and loved ones are warmly welcomed to attach their padlocks to the intricate metalwork, etching their initials as a symbol of their commitment. Mon Chéri's rendition of this romantic ritual adds a contemporary touch, with each lock radiating love. Amidst the harmonious melody of clinking metal, moments are forever sealed, and relationships are born.




Nestled on the east of The Coliseum lies our City Gateway to the Rose Garden, a captivating prelude to the fabled Love Lock Gate of Mon Chéri. This enchanting space, lined with velvet blooms of every imaginable hue of pink, offers a transformative journey through the corridors of romance. With each step, petals brushed by whispers of affection, guests are subtly coaxed into a world where promises are sealed and love stories bloom with the tender caress of ancient traditions.

MONments at Mon Chéri

At Mon Chéri, we invite you to embrace your heritage and discover the hidden gem called MONments. Step into our whimsical photo oasis, where joy and love are captured against a breathtaking backdrop of blooming roses, meticulously crafted into a heart. Here, happiness transcends mere observation; it becomes a tangible memory, forever preserved within the frame of perennial beauty. Each photograph is a cherished MONment, an exquisite testament to the enchanting realm of Mon Chéri.

Celebrate life MONments at Mon Chéri.